Which Disney Princess Are You? (11)

See which Disney royalty you share the most similarities with by taking this fun quiz! Tell me your results in the comments section!

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Which Disney Princess Are You? (11)

You're having a REALLY bad morning. You're running late to class when someone spills their coffee all over you as they pass you by. How do you react?

Still rush to class. There is no way you're going to be late.
Burst into tears.
Yell at the person.
Apologize for bumping into the person even though it wasn't your fault.
Get severely annoyed, but keep those emotions to yourself.
Just say "It's ok" and go clean yourself up.

Prom is coming up. How do you want to be asked?

I want my date date to ask me in front of everyone.
A private note.
Just a text would be fine.
A scavenger hunt.
A cute poster.
An unexpected surprise.

What is your dream wedding theme?

Enchanted Forest
Winter Wonderand
Under the Stars
Once Upon A Time

What is your favorite hobby?

Exploring new places

When you like someone you

Fall in love easily
Take a while to become official
Play hard to get
Can't stop thinking about them
Second guess their feelings towards you
Day dream about your future together

When someone tell you what to do in a rude way, you

Stop whatever you're doing out of respect
Stop whatever you're doing because you're embarrassed
Tell them off
Ignore them and continue whatever you were doing
Make a face at them as soon as they turn around

Who is your best friend?

Your mom or dad.
Your dog.
Your boyfriend.
Your childhood friend.
Your sister or brother.

You have had a plans to go on a trip to the ocean for several months now. The night before it is cancelled. How do you feel?

Sad. You could cry right now.
You'll just make other plans.
You had something else to do anyway.
Happy, because you didn't really want to go anyway.

How much have you changed since you were a young child?

I am a completely different person.
I still look like a five year old.
Not at all! #NeverGrowUp
I didn't have a childhood.
I've always been more mature than those around me.
I know when to be immature and when to be mature.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Just a few minutes
It depends on the day
It depends on how long it takes me to find a cute outfit
It takes a while to do my hair
It depends on if I'm distracted

How would people describe you?