Truth or Dare with Rhett and Link (Girls only!)

Truth or Dare with Rhett and Link (Girls only!)

Rhett and Link, two famous Internetainers ask you to play Truth or Dare with them There is RP in this.

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Rhett:Y/N, Truth or Dare?
Rhett: If we were single, who would you Marry?

Link, he is adorable!
Rhett, I need his height.

You: Link, truth or Dare?
Link: Dare.

What do you dare him to do?

Eat a smoothie of gross foods >:D
Eat a whole bowl of cereal in 30 seconds. I want this to be
Wear a dress on GMM tomorrow.
Something involving a bucket and dead fish.
Do the cinnamon challenge.

Link: Rhett, truth or Dare?
Rhett: Dare.
Link: I get to sit on your lap for the next few rounds.

Haha, so funny!
Why not dare him to eat liver!

Rhett: Truth or Dare?


You: Truth or Dare?
Link: Dare.
You: I dare you to eat--

A gross smoothie!
Pork blood

Link: Rhett, Truth or Dare?
Rhett: Truth
Link: Ask (Y/N) for their number!

Tell him
Don't tell him

Rhett: (Y/N), truth or Dare?
You: Dare
Rhett: I dare you to appear on GMM tomorrow!

*Fangirl attack*
Uh, me!?! REALLY :D
Sorry, I can't.

You: Truth or Dare
Link: Truth.

Link, what is your worst fear?
Link, do you love me!?! :D

Link: Rhett, Truth or Dare?
Rhett: Truth.
Link: What is your worst fear?
Rhett: Heights.

But Rhett, you ARE height..
Oh, it's OK. I'm afraid of them, too...

Was this game fun?


Rhett: Truth or Dare.
You: Dare
Rhett: I dare you to... Kiss Link!

Eeew! No way D:
Um.. O///o YES!!!

(You do the dare)
Link: Haha, you actually did it!?!

Yes, it was... nice.
Yeah. But first Tim is the last.
I didn't do it...

Rhett: The game is almost over.

Aaaaw! We were having so much fun :C
Aww! I never dared Link to eat raw eggs!

Link: Before you go, I would like you to have this *hands you a GMM mug*

*takes it* Yeah, whatever.