What horse breed are you? (1)

Have you ever wondered what type of horse you are? This quiz will help you!

published on January 07, 20185 responses 0
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Are you into jumping??

No i highly dislike it
I hate jumping to much work
No cows are my thing
Its ok but i dont like it to much

Do you prefer a cozy box stall or a pasture?

Neither im a free spirit!
A cozy stall where i get pampered
2 hours of pasture time and the rest being pampered by he kids in my stall
Stall that is way to big for me
Pasture where i can graze and get fat all day and night

When the owner brings the halter what do you do?

Wait she might have treats! (She doesnt)
Walk up, you love your owner and need to exercise anyway
Stand as still as a mountain and refuse to move
Eat while she puts it on im always hungry

What do you want to be famous for?

My mad cutting skills
Anything eventing...
Being a breyer model!
Raising the best babies
Nothing... eating?

Do you take the bit easily?

What is a bit?
NO! No one is putting metal in here without a fight...
Eh, sure im to lazy to fight back
I guess if its hay flavored
I lift my head but i know when we are going for a hack!

Who is your idol?

Picasso.. Duh!
IDK, Secretariat?
Snowman, how inspiring!
High Brow Cat... He got cloned for petes sake
Little Lucy, Tommy rode her today...

What is your dream?

To be in the NCHA finals!
The Olympics in eventing
Id rather not do anything but eat
Kentucky Derby!
To never be tamed

Favorite treat?

Back on Track energy treats
Sugar cubes
Apple or carrots the basic ones

Who is your bff?

The stablehand...
The judge ;)
Anyone who looks at me and compliments my butt
Little Lucy... shes my bff
My soulmate