are you fake or not

are you fake when your friend look at you or want to play with you what up with you are you just lying.

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when you friend ask you to go to the movie you

say no you have to feed you pet[you dont have a pet]
you are grounded
ok but she has to invite everyone that is popular

your friend ask you to stay over at her house you say

no my mom is going to be mad
no i need to walk my dog[i need to have a prank for this person]
ok is any other girl comin

your friend have a new acne cream you

sabotage it
you steal it
you use a little

if your friend heel is so good looking but you dont like the color

paint it another color
your try to cut it

you love to eat but your friend don't so you

stay on a diet with her
make her eat too much so she can be fat