Warriors: Orignal Prophecy: Who are you?

Hey there guys! I used to be under the username of Skysky060507 and now I'm back! This quiz will tell you who you are in a prophecy of evil, of trimumph, of good, and of struggle. Let's just hope none of y'all are evil-

published on June 26, 20206 responses 1
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Hello there. As of now, you are a spirit. You are being made into a cat, you are being created. What gender would you like to be?

A boy, please.
Boy, they're stronger than girls, I hear

Alright... What role would like to obtain in life?

I'd be fine as a warrior.
A warrior- I don't want anything too important!
Leader. I want power in life.

Ok... now... what would want in friends?

Just a kind cat... one who cares and one whom I care about as well.
I just want kindness... I won't ask much of them!
I just want people with ambitions but no brains. Easy pawns to use, like you.

Ok... uh... what would you do with magic?

Nothing, what if I caused trobule!...
I'd use it to try and help others!
Use to climb my ranks, to earn trust, to gain power! Or take it by force.

Ok... lastly... will you defend the world?

I-I'll try my best!
With my very soul.
I'll take the world, rat!