Pool of Choices (for the passing ending on the first of these)

Only take this quiz if you got the passing ending on The Adventure of Chances.

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You all stand staring at the pool where Triana disappeared. You have to decide if you will jump into the pool as well. The others seem confident about their choices.

(you nod to the others, and jump through the portal)
you: I'm not sure if we should do this...

When you jump into the portal many colors flash in your eyes, even if you close them. Then suddenly the world around you is gray. You and the others are standing in a forest. There is no sign of Triana.

you: We have to get moving everyone come on.
(you look around at the others)

Everyone acts confused and disoriented. Then Emma gathers her wits and stands. Emma: We need to get moving, now. Aidan watch the back. Everyone else fall into line.

(follow the others silently)
you whisper: Why should she lead.. (then you follow)

You walk through the forest following an obvious trail. At the edge of the forest is a large field, and across it is a castle. Emma leads the group to the castle. Then the cloaked figure appears.

(Try to help one of the others away)
(Run as fast as you can)

The creature pursues and slashes Emma. You turn in time to see her dematerialize. Then the hooded thing dissapears again. Everyone else seems stunned.

You: We have to keep moving.
You: Are you really going to let that stop us?

Eventually everyone gets up a d knowing they have to keep looking. You all agree to go in the castle.

(you take the lead and begin to run)
(you run ahead without waiting for the others to be ready)

As you leave the giant doorway it crumbles and blocks you in. The others are no where to be seen.

(you continue and hope the others are okay)
(you call out and try to remove the rubble from the doorway)

You decide to look through the halls. You wander until you find you're lost. Then you hear footsteps approaching. Triana appears from the darkness of the hall. Triana: Where are the others...

you: I really don't know. I'm sorry.
You: I think they may be dead. I looked for them, and I found nothing...

Triana: Oh... I see. That's a problem. Triana stands and thinks for some time. Some of them should have made it through.

You: I hope you're right.
You: I really don't think so, but you can look if you want...

The two of you go looking for the others. It turns out that you find Aidanand David wandering the halls. David: We found something... odd ahead. Triana: Umm, okay... The guys lead you down the hall to a metal door. They open it and inside is a cell full of prisoners.

You: We need to help them!
You: This really is odd. I don't trust this.