Are u bored?

This is a quiz if u r bored. Obivously.. coz I know I am! X3 yay! Anyways this quiz should be easy.. I think.

published on August 18, 201524 responses 4 5.0★ / 5
Are u bored?

Ok first question!! Why r u here

I was bored obviously!!
I just wanna see a awnser..
Guess I can!!
WOOP WOOP!! I love quizzes!! Dats why!

Question 2... do u know if ur bored?

I'm 100 percent sure I am bored
I don't know..
I don't think Im bored!!
Of course not!!

MWWWUAUUUUAHHHH woop meep woop Wanna go find potato jeff!!??

Nah.. 2 lazy
Sure.. I have nothin else to do
Totally!! Let's go!
Let's kiss his butt!

This is gonna be a short quiz. K?

I don't care
Aww that's alright! I,ll go to another quiz!
Aww okie

Wel I guess dis is da end!!

Well now I have nothin to do..

Well see u!! *goes to find potato jeff*

Alright!! Bye!!