Which Snowleopards Family Member Are You?

Which Snowleopards Family Member Are You?

Which family member of the YouTube Family; The Snowleopards Family, are you? Are you Zie? Or maybe even fictional characters like Gelda! Take the quiz to find out!

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Which candy would you prefer?

Something with low sugar, but tasty
I don’t eat candy...
Gummy Bears

Where would you love to visit?

New York City
Hawaii or Paris. I can’t decide!
A magical place

How often do you eat meat?

Never in a million years!
I don’t do meat

Do you like the heat or being cool?

Heat! Warm places are great!
Cool, not too cold.
Coldness! I hate heat! I only do a little heat!
In between. Room temperature.
Heat, not humid. I like being warm.

What do you watch on YouTube.

Trendy and cool things, or beauty things.
Whatever is in my recommend, or nothing. Weird stuff actually.
Challenges, skits, church stuff, games, and family videos.