MLG Quiz

good luck now can we just look at how awsome this is I mean like rlly it is so epic

published on December 20, 20181 response 0

what is my favorite launcher

nova launcher
lean launcher

What are my favorite headphones

audio technica m50s

When was I born

September 28 2007
September 23 2007

what do I prefer

A12 Bionic chip
snapdragon 845

would I rather

die from drowning
lava lol

When was I making a YouTube channel

Feb 20, 2017
January 21, 2016

what is my favorite computer


what are my favorite colors

red orange yellow green
red neon green blue sky blue

what does I lurk like

black hair with A HAIR CUT CHANGING EVERYDay
the default in fartnit

what Chromebook am I getting??