five nights at freddys 2 fix

if you did the one that was mesd up that said awser will that was suposto be the disripon sorry moving on so hope you like this one I have no picers ok im sorry 2 wwffy might have picers

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you was walking home then you saw a puppet then it dissaperd and you cotenyoud walking and in a flash you fell in a black hole you passed out later you herd some one said his he(or she) died I told you to grab the person not make her(or hem) fall in a black hole (sorry) you woke up and so my oc and you saw a puppet ( how do you react)

hi can we party

hi im chocolate and this is the (puppet master) yo (chocolate) who wuold you like to (cordell *running*) a tour don't choose toy chica because shes mine (who do you choose)

toy chica (you know what I will choose chocolate)

(who ever you got or choose finish the tour) and talked abut your trure person that loves you (and if its toy chica) cordell herd it and whent in a tunel and GOT A BASOKAK and said your staing my girl my buty and aim at you and if you don't get toy chica than that does not happen

chocolate loves me
yay toy chica loves me but cordell hates me (me: yep>:( she is mine ) ( you: uh oh)
bonnie loves me yay
chica loves me yay

(if you got toy chica cordell shot you and stuffed you) if not freddy stuffed you in a toy freddy suit and freddy apologesed but you where ok weth it as long as you had the one you loved

as long as I got toy chica im fine (me: no your not girl friend stealer >:( ) ( you: uh oh)
as long as I love bonnie im fine
as long as I have chocolate im fine
as long as I have my chica im fine

that's the end of the quiz sorry for no picters I don't have any s bai

bye see you later