What is you're horror life!?

What is you're horror life!?

This is a quiz which will tell you what is you're horror life, so basically it will tell you what will happen to you. This is for girls(sorry again guys?) and sorry for the late update...

published on June 06, 201812 responses 1 4.8★ / 5

Hi how are you?

I'm good.
Depends on who's asking it.

What is you're favorite color? ?

Black Void
Bloody Red

Favorite anime opening?

(Tokyo Ghoul)
History Maker(I can't get it out of my had!!!)
(Yuri on ice)
Change the world
Hi! Hi! Rin! Rin!


Is this... A question?
Let it all out. If you say shit I say bich.
"I'm outta here!" by Wally Franks

Sorry don't leave I was just curious for you're reaction! Anyways... Favorite horror movie?

Friday 13
Child's play

Out of the following which creepy themed nursery rhyme would you choose?

Tili Tili Bom
London Bridge is falling down
Slenderman lullaby
Mary Mary quite contrary

Favorite Creepypasta?

Jeff the killer
Eyeless Jack
Ticci Toby
BEN Drowned

How would you describe yourself?

Mysterious,but stubborn
Shy, and weak
Adventures, and brave
I'm me

What is the weapon of you're choice?

A knife =)
I don't like violence...
Most likely words, and will
Pins/needle and scissors

You enjoyed the test?

It was great!
I had fun
Wait... Who died?
It was useless.