What character from Coroline are you?

What character from Coroline are you?

Take this quiz to find out, what character your most like from the 2009 film Coroline.

published on February 11, 201826 responses 8
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Would you rather have your current mother or another mother?

My mother
I’m not sure
Another mother

How would you feel if you had to switch schools?

Excited, fresh start!
I would be ok with it, but not exited about it
I would absolutely hate it!
I wouldn’t care
New boys!/ New girls!
My parents would never move

What would you do if you came home and you couldn’t find your parents, and they wouldn’t answer there phone?

Freak out
Call 911, if hours went by
Keep trying to call them
I wouldn’t care
Invite friends over

If the other mother offered you buttons to sew in your eyes, would you do it in exchange for a perfect mother?

I would run
I would try to kill her
I would scream
Politely say no thank you
Curse at her

What would you do if a person gave you a doll that looked almost identical to you?

Politely take it, then throw it away later
I’m not sure
Yell at the person, and call them weird
Shut the door in there face
Take the doll excitedly and carry it wherever you go
Try to make friends with the person, since you just moved to the area

How would you feel if you had to wear uniforms to school?

I wouldn’t care
Absolutely upset
Try to convince parents to buy other garments
Pretend you like it
Curse at parents

What’s the first thing you would do if you just moved into your brand new house?

Explore the area!
Design room
Meet neighbors
Eat a snack out of nearly empty fridge
Play with new twin doll
Complain to mother about food choices
Sleep in bed

What would you do if you found a door to another portal?

Go into it of course!
Call parents
Stick hand inside
Close the door immediately, and stay away from the door
Yell inside
Run out of the room
Close the door, and do research on magical doors to see if it’s safe

You go into the portal, and on the other side is a perfect version of your world, fresh cooked food, and a buzzing family what do you do?

Eat food and leave
Smell kitchen and talk to other mother
Freak out
Run out
Observe other world
Make a connection to other mother and doll, and try to kill other mother
Decide to live in other world

The other mother then tries to kill you, what do you do?

Hit the mother with nearest object
Yell for your real parents
Hit as hard as you can
Try to trip the mother
Distract the mother and hit her while she’s facing the other way
Just stand there

You get back to the real world, what do you do?

Tell everyone about it
Blame person for giving you the doll
Only tell parents
Only tell weird neighbors
Keep it to yourself
Try to forget about it