Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 1

Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 1

This quiz series is for girls only, sorry boys! You're a regular girl in a regular world; that is, you are until you're kidnapped and sent into the world of Divergent. Will you survive? What Faction will you choose? I hope you like it, and please comment! :)

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You walk down the muddy sidewalk, umbrella up to protect you from the freezing rain. It's supposed to be spring, but it feels colder than December.
As you wait at the curb for your mom's car, you rub one hand up and down your arm. You'd forgotten to bring a jacket; who knew that this weather was going to pop up? Obviously not the weatherman; he'd predicted sunny skies and 70 degree weather. That's why you didn't trust TV.
A car pulls up to the sidewalk, and your mom steps out. She's dressed in a professional-looking suit; very strange. She's always wearing something more laid-back, like a sweater, leggings, and bunny slippers.

BUNNY SLIPPERS? My mom wears BUNNY SLIPPERS?! (Me: -_- Yeah, didn't I just say that?) Ugh!! Why am I even being seen
in public with her?! (Me: Because I said so.) -_-
Weird. Why is she dressed up like that? I think that - (Me: *covers your mouth* ) MMmhmhmhmh! (Me: Sorry, can't hear
you! *walks away whistling*)
Suspicious. *strikes dramatic karate pose* (Me: *rolls eyes* Haha.)
Aww, she wears bunny slippers! I want some! Except it's raining... Oh well! By the way, do I have any pets? (Me: Uh, a dog, I
guess...) YAY! :D :D :D
*hugs her*

She puts a hand to her ear and whispers something. She starts walking toward you. Something doesn't feel right...

Are they going to kill someone? Steal something? Take a little kid's candy? (Me: -_- No, duh they're walking towards you.)
Oh... OK then. :)
Is this really my mom? She's acting strange. Maybe she just needs a hug... Maybe work was stressful... (Me: She owns a
candy store with teddy bears.) How did I not know that? (Me: Because I hadn't told you yet.) Oh... Can I help at the store
sometimes? (Me: *smiles* Maybe...) Yay! :D
"Something isn't right..." Wait, did I say that out loud? (Me: Yes, yes you did.) Oh.. OK. "Well, there really is something
weird..." (Mom: *gives you weird look*) "Oh, um... You're just... acting... strange." (Me: You can't lie, can you?) Nope.
Reach over and punch her in the face.
It's her gait. Mom doesn't walk like that. There are a million reasons why this isn't my mom. Run! *starts to run away but isn't
very fast*

No matter what answer you chose, you realized something was wrong and started to run. Immediately you feel her grab your arm. Her fist is like iron. You start to shout, but a cloth is clamped over your mouth.

What's going on? *blacks out*
Who - Wha - Why - Where... *blacks out*
*rips cloth off for a moment* "Agh! You evil person! You - " (Me: *knocks you out with frying pan*)
*tries to punch, but you feel woozy and tired all of a sudden...* *blacks out*
No! This is probably chloroform! I read about it! It- *blacks out*

You wake up in a large room with spotless white walls, floors, and ceilings. You're on the top of a three-level bunk bed made of thin plastic bars and dressed with thin mattresses and spotless white sheets. There are girls all over on other bunks, just waking up. The room is brightly lit, and it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. There is a small, steel door on the opposite side of the room. There are several girls banging on it and trying to see through the edges, but it's sealed and locked tightly and has no window.

Go see if they want any help.
Look for food or water.
"What's going on?!" (Me: You said that out loud.) I did? Oh well. "I want answers here!"
*pinches yourself to see if it's real* Ow! *punches the wall* OW! (Me: -_- )
Am I in a lab? Am I part of an experiment? What's happening? I. Need. Information!!

No matter what you chose, you didn't end up getting out of bed. Five girls walk over to you. One is a plain-looking girl with mousy brown hair, grey eyes, and a plain t-shirt and jeans. The second has her long, brown hair in a ponytail and is wearing a red and yellow t-shirt and jeans. The third, with short, black hair and black eyes, is dressed more formally, with a white blouse and black dress pants. The fourth has deep brown eyes, long black-brown hair, and is wearing a casual black tee and sweats. The fifth has blue eyes and glasses, and she's wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans.

The first girl looks sweet. :)
O.O The second girl is my long-lost twinsie.
"The third girl has stolen my style!" (All: *look at you, confused* ) Hehe, oops. (Me: *facepalm*)
The fourth is cool. B)
Finally! Someone who wears glasses!! :D

The third girl opens her mouth to speak, but before she can, the door bursts open! A -
Cliffhanger! Haha! Hope you liked it! :)

I did. You are awesome. :)
I loved it! It was fun!
Why cliffhanger? I hate cliffhangers! But anyway, liked the quiz!
*already at results*
It was good. Would you like a critique? (Me: YUSSS!!) :D OK, so...