What type of animal are you (1)

What type of animal are you (1)

Are you a snake, a fish, a dog, a cat or a bird? Answer just a few questions and figure out!

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Someone begins to follow you! What do you do?

Get your friends to help you out
Act like you don't notice but walk a little faster
Run as fast as you can and get away!
Turn around and confront the person
You don't care

You see someone trip and hurt their nee and no one else is around. What do you do?

Quickly see if he/she is alright
Glance over your shoulder to see if he/she is alright but never stop
Run out of there as quickly as possible. It could be a trap
Keep walking and act like you don't notice
Turn around to see what happened for your own curiosity, but keep walking

At school you're usually:

The one that wants to sit alone
The one that has all your best friends with you
The one that has a few friends, but they're not that close
The one that is to scared to make any friends
The one that lets people come to him/her never the other way around

There's a big party! You:

Go only if your BFFs are going
You would rather stay home alone
No Way!
Didn't get invited
Hesitantly say yes

If you see something you really want you:

Get it yourself
Take it by force
Try to get it, but if there's any sign of danger you're out of there
Get your friends to help you get
Get someone to give it to you