Aptitude Test (5)

Dauntless. Abnegation. Erudite. Candor. Amity. Five factions with five of the most important human characteristics. This test will see were you belong. Yet you have the right to choose a faction. That will help with the factions success.

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You are called to take the test. You feel-


A Dauntless woman tells you to sit and hands you the serum. You--

Thank her and drink it.
Ask, "What will this do?"
Take it and chug it.
Look at it then drink it.
Drink it.
"Um, what's this for?"

You open your eyes and your in a mirrored room. You--

Look at your reflection.
Close your eyes and relax.
Look at the ground nervously, since you can't look at the mirror.
Knock on the mirror to see if it's solid.
Try and break the mirrored walls.
Yell, "Hello?"

Two bowls appear in front of you. One holds cheese. One holds a knife. A voice says, "Choose." You--

Ask, "Why?"
Grab the knife.
Grab the cheese.
Ask, "Why? Tell me why?" and take neither.
Take neither.
Wander around the bowls, seeing if the bowls are a trap.

A dog runs at you, ready to attack. You--

Throw the knife at the dog.
Kneel down and relax.
Back away slowly, telling the dog, "Calm down, boy."
Feed the dog the cheese.
Tell the dog to stay and back away.

The dog sits and relaxes. You--

Walk to it and scratch its head.
Rub behind its ear.
Ignore the dog after its rampage.
Say good boy but keep your distance.
Pat its head.
Rub its back and say "Good boy."

A little girl yells "Puppy!" and the dog leaps up and runs at her to attack. You--

Shield the girl.
Kill the dog.
Tackle the dog.
Yell at the girl to run.
Tell the girl calmly to relax.
Turn and let the dog attack her.

You appear in a bus station. A Factionless man is sitting, reading a paper, on the front page is a picture of a man you recognize. He asks if you know him. You say--

Lie. "No."
"Yeah, I know him."
"I know him. Is he causing problems?"
"Yes, I do know him."
"Sorry, no."
"NO. I don't."

The man yells, "Please. Help me. You can. Just please help me!" You--

Say, "Of course I'll help."
Back away nervously.
Say, "I can't."
Back away and whisper, "Freak."
Say, "Yeah, sure. Where's he at?"

You open your eyes. You are done with the test. You feel-

Nervous still.
Scared still.