Which character from Besuto Precure are you?

Which character from Besuto Precure are you?

I am making a new TV show that will be airing next year. It is a magical girl anime. I was thinking that you would like to know which character you were! That would be pretty cool!

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Do you like sports?

No, not really.

What is your fave color out of these?


Your friend is in trouble! What do u do?

Just go and punch the guy who is troubling her/him in the face!
I would think out a plan very carefully, and then I would use it against the guy!
Just watch.

What is your fave element?


What do u do in ur free time?

Play! And then hang out with my friends!
Read, and study. After that, transformation time!

Why is your mother important to you?

Because I've never met her! I want to meet her!
Because she gives me lots of love!

What would you do if someone asked u out on a date?

Scream and run

How do u describe yourself?

Outgoing, social, sporty!
Bookworm, determined, quiet.