What Dungeons and Dragons alignment are you?

What Dungeons and Dragons alignment are you?

Good or evil? Lawful or chaotic? You may know your D&D character's alignment, but do you know yours? Find out with this alignment quiz.

published on March 17, 20181661 responses 0
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Do you value individuals over rules, or rules over individuals?

Rules over individuals
Individuals over rules

Do you help yourself over others, or others over yourself?

Yourself over others
Others over yourself

What alignment do you enjoy playing as most?

Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
True Neutral
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Evil

You decide on your goals by asking yourself the question...

Will this make the largest possible number of people happy?
Will this make me and the people I care about happy?
Will this make me happy?

You achieve your goals by...

Thinking logically and following the rules of society
Thinking creatively and disregarding the rules of society
Whatever is most effective

When people talk about disturbing or "taboo" subjects, how does it make you feel?

Horrible. I'd probably leave the room or change the subject.
Uncomfortable. I can stomach it, but I'm not happy about it.
Alright. I'm not bothered by taboos like most people are.

Someone you care about is sick with a potentially life-threatening illness, and neither of you have any way of paying for treatment. Would you steal money to pay for their treatment?

Absolutely! Some things are more important than the law.
With some reluctance. I'd try all other options first.
No. I can't look after them if I get arrested, can I?

Your enemies accuse you of being...

Self-righteous and idealistic
Ruthless or egoistic
Lax or dishonourable
Strict or dogmatic
Apathetic or irresolute
Opportunistic or unreliable

Pick one of the ten values listen in the Theory of Basic Human Values.

Self-Direction - Freedom, creativity, independence, choosing
one's own goals, being curious, having self-respect.
Stimulation - Having an exciting and varied life, being
Hedonism - Experiencing pleasure and enjoying life.
Achievement - Being ambitious, influential, capable,
successful, and intelligent, and having self-respect.
Power - Having social power, wealth, and authority,
preserving one's own public image, and having social
Security - Ensuring national security, reciprocation of favors,
ensuring family security, having a sense of belonging,
the social order, being healthy and clean.
Tradition - Respecting tradition, being devout, accepting
one's own portion in life, being humble, and taking life in
Conformity - Being obedient, having self-discipline, being
polite, honoring parents and elders.
Benevolence - Being helpful, responsible, forgiving, honest
loyal, and having mature love for others and true
Universalism - Advancing equality, being one with nature,
having wisdom, filling the world with beauty, advancing
social justice,
being broad-minded, protecting the environment, and see
the world at peace.

Which Harry Potter character is easiest for you to understand?

Hermione Granger
Harry Potter
Sirius Black
Argus Filch
Severus Snape
Dolores Umbridge
Bellatrix Lestrange