The hunger games (2)

This is a real game if you win you get an actual win and if you win your ready for the hunger games

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The game starts you find a chest you open it you can only take 5 items what do you choose?

Sword,food,building materials and bombs
Bow, arrows and food
Head for the center chest instead
Building materials

After that chest you go for the center chest but someone is shooting at you what do you do?

Fire back
Keep going
Jump off cuz I know I will die here

Good job you get the center chest it was impossible to die there because there was water going off an island.
Anyway you find Armour full diamond someone is coming for u wtf do u do?

Shoot them
Take a chill pill bro just stay there
Sword fight!!

Finally you go to someone else’s island
Wtf do u do

Bunker up
Why tf am I going there!
Make a huge tower so I can hump bullets!
Shoot whatever moves

You see someone you try shooting them but they build
Wtf do u do

Come over and brake their build
Use a fire arrow to shoot their build
Eat some food
Use a bomb to blow his build up then fist fight him

Do u think you will win?

Probaly not
No way cuz I’m gay

Do u know what the normal version of this is?

Do u know what the normal version of this is?
I got dem moves like jagger
Probaly woopan BADGER style
The big d!ck
I need a knife....

Teacher:what happened to the floor
You:-look down-
Floor:-is messy
Goes into pokemachine
What comes next

Bulbasaur :hello I’m Bulbasaur and welcome to Pokémon....
Squirtle:wtf happened to floor
Pkemn talk
Gimme a knife NOW


Can we just go to the game now
I want 2 play now


Lez gooooooooooo??

The time runs out game finished


What is your opinion on the game


Can this quiz pls become a superb quiz

Wtf is wrong with you
Keep going!

What’s your favourite fortnite dance

Take da l
Take da elf
Ahh yes ain’t dat fresh
Breach down

It’s already suberb

Screw u
Congrats !