Which sense are you?

Which sense are you?

Humen have have 5 main senses- sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch. Take this test and find out which are you most likely. I don't know how will this be coming out but im trying okay xD The descriptions might not be perfectly defined, but hopefully you get the point :) IMPORTANT! Please answer honestly, thats the chance that i have done it right.

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How would you deal with a problem that seems not to have a solution?

Talking about it with your closest ones and trying to figure it out
Holding it to yourself and trying to figure it out yourself
You give up, maybe ever go as far as thinking about suicide
You let it go
You go to psychologist/consultant to get help

You have to write an essay and you can choose between 5 topics, you would choose

Communications and media.
Animal abuse.
Ukraine war
How is technology changing our world?
Money is the root of all evil

You are in the classroom, you

Don't have time for that, there has so many more interesting stuff happened that you have to share
Drawing flowers
Write down the most important things, so you can study for the test later
Sit on you phone, that's easy topic, you know it all already
Are repeadetly warned by your teacher, because you can't just stay still

What is the job you would do?

Something creative, like a writer
Policeman, spy, detective
Something psysical, like builder, tailor, etc

What are your hobbies? Or Which of these are most likely your thing.

Reading, drawing, writing, etc
Extreme sports, etc
Running, swimming, etc
Learning new stuff, etc
Football, basketball, etc

Which creature would you choose?


Which genre would you prefer?

Horror/ Thriller
Adventure/ Mystery
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy