Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character quiz

Hey I'm doing a quiz on a VERY popular book series which is Diary of a wimpy kid. I have read the series myself and its not bad. But once I am done, I will take it because I have wanted to know who I would be for a while.

published on January 22, 201615 responses 4

If you met someone,in a grocery store, and they say they're supposed to pick you up what would you do?

STRANGER DANGER!!!!! Mom told me to run so i am RUNNING!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, uhh, yah right after I go get mommy. Then I will know who this "guy"
Run away. They ain't stealen me!
They want me, they get me. Sorry they get me fist in their face and my foot in their phaney!
Excuse me my mother is old enough to know I am not a child
Tell them no they didn't because my parents are old and I am an adult.
Yah I'll go with you. They seem reasonable.

Your arch nemeses takes your crush to prom. What do you do?

If she likes him and not ME I'll just dump her and move on. Obvisously she doesn't like me.
Cry. And if she doesn't feel bad I tell a teacher. They can put him into detention.
Show him who is boss. She's MY girl!
Stuff a booger up her nose for payback.
Umm excuse me. You took my guy can I please have her back? Please?
He likes my stuff eh? Well he can have my FIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell my mommy. She ALWAYS gets me what I want.

What's your favorite animal?

Anything BUT pigs! If YOU lived with a pig that gets more things then YOU, you'd feel the same.
I like kitties. They are cute
Snakes. Snakes are the most deathly animal I can think of.
I like dogs. Dogs are talented, smart, helpful, etc.
Pigs. Their SOOO cute with their wittle piggy ears and their wittle piggy tricks!
Well, some animals are Very dangerous so stay away. Others are cute and fluffy. Like a bunny!!!

You have been crushing on someone for about 3 years now. When you finally have the guts to ask her to prom, your biggest enemie (sorry if I spell things wrong) takes her to prom. What do you do?

Punch my enemie so he is knocked out, lock him/her in a closet, tie them up, then tell your crush that
the enemie can't come but you would be happy to. Thats what they get. No one steals MY crush. Have
fun in the closet for, well, who knows how long.
Well, my enemie can have him/her. I mean, I should've asked earlier. Plus, I DON'T want my enemie to
hate me more.
Tell a teacher. Teachers can do EVERYTHING!!! Even love life works for them.
Have a battle over my crush. Whoever wins can have her/him. Its only fair. I think.
Get a sword, a dragon, and armor. Fly the dragon. When you find your enemie, stab them with the
sword. Where the armor because it looks cool. Yah that will DEFINITELY work. Now let me go find a
dragon, armor, and a sword.
Cry. I cry when I am sad. And that has to be sad. So I will cry. Cry until I die. Just keep crying.
Reason with the enemie. Well, trick the enemie into letting you have MY crush. I don't have a care in
the world for my enemie.

Who do you think is Awesome?

Greg! He is the best!
Rowley. You always can count in him to be there for you!
The TV shows I watch! Blinkle Blop Blurp!
My boss. Thanks to him I get $$$$$
Not teachers!!! Or mom, or Fregley, Definetly not my brothers!