Are you pink or blue?

Which one are you pink and very happy or blue and lonley? Which one would you rather be...

published on December 04, 201811 responses 1

Say you forgot your homework. What would you do?

Freak out and then dont tell the teacher
Calm down and tell you teacher first thing, also you always remeber to apologies

You just got grounded and you mom told you to go up to your room. Would you do...

Listen to you mom and say sorry, then do somthing to make her happy
Freak out about getting send up to your room then yell

Today you have gym class but your wearing boots. What would you do?

Ask straight in the morning to call your mom, then afterwards fix your attitude
Start crying to the gym teacher exuses

Its art class and you forgot your pencil what would you do?

Calm down and explain that your sorry to the teacher
Rush back to the classroom without permission and be late for class

This is the last one would you want to be a pink or a blue person