What movie character would you marry ?(part one for boys)

ever wonder what movie charcter you belong with well find out know.please take this quiz!

published on December 16, 20164 responses 0

what is most importend in a girl you would date?

her looks
she is smart but i like a little bit
of mystery in a girl
she is smart and cares about
me and is sweet and is not the
uglyst person in the world.
she is capable but pretty

who is your favourite super hero?

the hulk

what type of guy are you?

I am known to be careing and
I wont to always do my best in
helping others
I am smart but can be emotinal
some people call me shallow
but i would not say that just for
me a number one trait for a girl
is that she is pretty

what is your favourite sport?

baseball or soccer

what pets do you not like to own ?

I like PETS but i dopnt like to
own pets that will be extremaly
high maintainess like a
cats or small dogs
i like pets but i dont really wont
birds or other