How will you look in the future? Girls only, thanks

Will you be a brunette, or have brown hair? How tall will you be? Will I have my beautiful eyes?

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How many sports do you play?

One every season
Two or three a year
Depends, at least one or two
One that lasts a few months or one season
More than three

What do you usually eat for lunch at school

Pack like 2 or 3 days a week and get cookies, chocolate, a soda, and a main coarse.
I sometimes pack Chicken Tenders, Sandwich, or PB and J. Maybe buy school lunch like twice times a week.
I pack almost everyday and get fruit, vegetables, and a sandwich or chicken nuggets with a water bottle.
I pack a lot and get a sandwich with chips, or cookies. Maybe a banana or apple, sometimes.
I buy nachos, or pizza. Sometimes other cafeteria food.

Are you light, average, or heavy?

VERY light
Idk kinda in the middle?
Not heavy, but a bit overweight
Not telling you!

What activity is your favorite?

Jump Roping or Swinging
Ice skating or Dancing
Drawing or watching TV
Going to the movies
Stretching and hanging with friends

What kind of music do you like?

Pop, country, and rap
Just pop
Jazz, dance or electric
Any upbeat music :)

How many calories should someone intake daily on average?

Between 500-1000
At minimum 1200 and no more then 2000
Around 1500
A growing child= 1900, and an adult= 1500
Growing child= 3400, adult= 2900

How confident are you on a scale 1-5


What are your usual grades?

Straight A's
Mostly B's with some A's
In my average day B's and C's
Mostly C's and D's
It really can range from C-A

What is your fashion style?

Bohemian and Chic (floral crop top, jean shorts with lace, and a long white sweater with holes/rips.)
Casually Cute (Ex. Ripped Jeans and a cute sweater with bangles)
Fancy and Formal (Ex. Dress Pants and a blouse with a belt. Maybe some hoop earrings.)
Geeky with Flair (Ex. Boot-cut jeans, a thin button up top, and sneakers.)
Stylish and Sporty (Messy Bun w/ headband, neon Nike shirt, and joggers)
Cute and Friendly (Ex. Animal print t-shirt, matching animal print sweatpants,
and a pony tail.)

What do you usually eat for a snack after school?

A Kashi bar
Yogurt with fruit or nuts
A fun size candy bar
Chips or a tasty cake
An apple or pear. Maybe a banana.