Which Hotel Should I Choose for STLV?

You're all set to go to the greatest Star Trek gathering on the planet. Over 100 guests, amazing cosplayers, fantastic panel discussions and more! Should you stay at the Rio, The Strip or perhaps somewhere else? Answer these questions to find out...

published on August 21, 20180 responses 0

What kind of Star Trek fan are you?

I live for Trek and model my life around the IDIC philosophy
May the Force be with me
I enjoy the franchise and even have a few Trek related items in my residence
I watched the original Trek and want to see Shatner but the other stuff isn't my thing

Why are you going to STLV?

I don't really want to but if I don't go my significant other will be upset
My partner/friend is a big fan and I'm game to give it a try
It's my annual pilgrimage and I've been planning and organizing since the day after the last Khan ended
I'm going to be partying in Vegas anyway and I love Trek so I got tickets

For me, Vegas is...

Somewhere I've never been and I'm excited to do as much as I can, including STLV, while I'm there
Where the Khan is held
A place I visit regularly so it's not important to be in the center of things
Over-the-top and seedy

When I travel I set a budget and try to...

Spend as little as possible on anything
Find a balance between hotel quality, location and price
What do you mean by 'budget'?
Find the nicest possible place at the expense of other frivolities

My current financial situation is...

I've done well and can afford to spend enough to be comfortable
I'm loaded
I'm doing okay but need to make sure I make ends meet
Can I pay my MasterCard with my Visa?

When shopping for anything I...

Research and get as much advice as possible to get the best deal
Do whatever is easiest to get the item I want
Buy the highest quality item I can afford
Spend as little as humanly possible and use a coupon

To me, Cosplay is..

A huge part of the experience and I wear multiple costumes
When I wear blue socks instead of black
Something I enjoy doing and seeing but I don't get too elaborate
I like it but don't wear much more than a Trek shirt myself

The level of my mobility is...

The years are catching up and I might need some assistance
I can't answer now, I am just heading out on my daily 3 mile run
You mean I have to move to get to the bathroom?
I'm fine walking but get tired after a while

The evening Rio bar parties are...

Too late in the evening for me
Where I am when the sun comes up
Not as good as the other Vegas bar parties
What's a party?

I need my accommodations to be...

As new and modern as possible
My own place
Clean, but I can live with it being a bit outdated
I'm not too fussy, I've probably stayed in worse

When selecting a property the single, most important factor is...

Not worth the trouble deciding