What marshmallow are you?

What marshmallow are you?

Marshmallows are sweet and yummy, they go with anything, if you are wondering what type you are, be welcome to take this quiz, liking marshmallows or not.

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What's your favourite season?

What's your favourite season?
Winter; hot chocolate, pjs, sofa, slippers,
blanket, and a few episodes of my favourite
TV show.
Summer; lots of ice cream and a beach party
with lots of upbeat music and a splash in the
Spring; lots of things to do outside to run
around in flowers and even in the night to put
a camp up.
Fall; a very colourfall setting with all those
leaves and the event to give people a scare
and the shock of their lives.
Winter; blankets of snow and the time to
hang out with friends and family for a
snowball fight, show Angels, and build
Summer; bringing out the bright and colourful
clothing and impress my friends with gossip
and funny events.
Spring; the day to eat lots of chocolate during
Easter and to spend the time running with the
bees and to read in the grass.
Fall; stuff lots of candy in the spare and
bringing out the scarfs, hats, and woolly
jumpers to snuggle up to.
Summer; the time to have an outside dinner
with friends and family and walk around the
beach to paddle in the ocean.
Winter; to stuff lots and lots of junk food and
celebrate Christmas with friends and family to
look forward to the spirit.

How would others describe you?

How would others describe you?
They describe me as crazy, weird and
hotheaded; sometimes mean when I'm not
They describe me as peaceful, warm-hearted,
and always fun to chill with; sometimes a bit
too nice.
They describe me as lazy, quiet, and socially
awkward; but easy going once you get to
know me.
They describe me as normal, boring, and
never humorous; I guess people don't see the
real me yet.
They describe me as fun, humorous, and an
abnormal; sometimes a bit too silly in serious
They describe me as loud, the centre of
attention, and sociable; I am very popular
They describe me as bright, bubbly, and never
down or low; can also help people out when
they are down.
They describe me as interesting, easy going,
and depended; sometimes a bit clingy and
never wanna be alone.
They describe me as dark, boyish and gives
out attitude when mad at someone; can be
pervy at times.
They describe me as childlike, silly humour,
and annoying; they also say that they think
I'm on drugs.

Would you describe yourself sweet or sour?

Would you describe yourself sweet or sour?
Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside.
Very sweet, a bit too sweet.
Sweet most times, but can be sour when you
make me mad.
Sweet throughout, being sour seems wrong to
other people.
Depending on my mood; sweet in good mood,
sour in bad mood.
Very sour, dangerous to approach.
Sweet on the outside, sour on the inside.
Too sweet, I need to be more sour.
Trying to be more sweet, I'm sour without
even knowing it.

What's your crave?

What's your crave?
Bubble gum
Hot chocolate
Hot dogs

What's your humour like?

What's your humour like?
I don't have a humour, I'm too serious.
Mean humour, I make fun of people.
Childish humour, people think I'm on drugs.
Very funny humour, everyone always laughs
at my jokes.
I don't make jokes, I'm usually the one that
laughs at them.
I don't like being the one on the spot.
Innocent humour, no dirty or mean humour
Dirty humour, only for the dirty minded.
Weird humour, people usually laugh and I
don't know how.
Old traditional jokes, people get bored when
heard too many times.

Bright or dark?

Bright or dark?
Dark, bright people annoy me.
Of course bright! I'm the most popular.
Bright, always the cheerful one.
Bright, becomes dark when picked on since
Depending on my mood.
I can be a bit of both.
I'm bright most of the times, everyone has
their ups and downs.
People say I'm dark because I hide in my
I'm dark, because of personal reasons.
Well I try to brighten things up when things
are dark.

Perfer the fantasy or the reality?

Perfer the fantasy or the reality?
Reality, that's the world we live in right?
Fantasy, reality people scare me.
Reality, imagine not seeing your friends and
family again?
Fantasy, reality is too dark to live in.
Reality! Even though I might also be popular
in the fantasy world.
I like both, doesn't matter to me really as
long as I'm happy.
Fantasy, need a little abnormal in life.
Fantasy seems more fun, realty is boring.
They is still nice stuff in reality so I'll keep the
Fantasy, there is better friends and attractive
people there.