Monster Hunter weapon you should use (Melee Version)

Monster Hunter weapon you should use (Melee Version)

Find your ideal weapon in the monster hunter franchise! There are many options so this quiz will help you decide

published on May 04, 201517 responses 0 4.0★ / 5

Where do you like to be when attacking a monster?

Pounding its head in
Slicing it legs
Cutting off its tail
Dancing around it

Speed or damage?

Super Fast

How much of the damage would you like to do?

All the damage- main damage dealer
Some of the damage
I prefer to support my team

Bashing Skulls or Cutting tails (Cutting or Impact damage)

Cutting tails (Cutting)
Bashing Skulls (Impact)

Would you like alot of attacks or just a few?

Lots of attacks and combos
A few good attacks are all I need

Flowing combos or single attacks (allow you to roll between attacks)

Single attacks