Are you spoiled?

Are you spoiled?

Does your parents shout at you:” You’re a spoiled brat!”? Or do you think that you’re simply spoiled?

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You want to get a new phone. How do you ask your parents?

Can you buy me a new
phone, please?
Gimme a new phone.
Give me a new phone!
Please, please, please, mommy and daddy! My old phone is broken! I really need a new one! Can you give me at Christmas? Please?!
I wouldn’t get a new phone. So, why bother?

Do you get whatever you want?

Y.E.S.!!! Everything and anything!
Well, almost everytime.
Like, never (or almost never)?!

Do you have your own TV, labtop, and phone?

Only a phone and a labtop/TV.
Phone only.
Yeah! Feeling a little bit guilty...
Of course! My parents are still stupid.

Do you think that being spoiled is a good thing?

I don’t care!/With no doubt!
Yeah... I guess??
Maybe, I don’t know.
Not really.
It’s the worst thing ever-being spoiled! Glad that I’m not.

How do you pay for something?

I can’t afford anything (maybe only a notebook?)
I work, though I’m a teenager.
I pay it with my allowance!
My parents pay. It’s their job.
Usually my parents give me the money I need, but sometimes I pay with my allowance.

In what kind of restaurants do you usually eat?

Good restaurants. Almost the best! Four stars.
McDonald?! KFC?!
Five-stars ones! Where are those fancy chandelier and food for only 120$!
I don’t go to restaurants!
Some cute home-cooked food.

What do you think of luxury items?

Expensive. I have some. But not very much.
Hilarious! Why do you have to waste your precious money?
A little bit expensive, but all my things are luxury.
They’re so cheap!
Too expensive! I have only one?!

Do you/your parents own at least one Rolex?

One. But that was a gift/we can hardly afford it.
No. We have way better watches!

Ahem. Which class do you belong to?

Upper class.
Middle upper class.
Middle class.
Lower middle class.
Lower class.

Finally! Sorry that this was short. Do YOU think you’re spoiled?

Of course NO!!! I’m so broke!
I don’t think so.
Yes. Wait, no! I don’t really know!
It’s kinda embarrassing, but yes.
YES!!! Is that bad?