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This quiz is going to show u what pet will fit your daily schedual and i am very sorry that

published on June 23, 20159 responses 4

is your life busy


are you allergic to any animal/ part of an animal?

i am allergic to fur
i am allergic to feathers
i am not allergic to anything pet related
other option

how much time could you spend with your pet each day?

1 - 4 hours
5 - 8 hours
9- 12 hours
13 - 16 hours
17 - 20 hours
21 - 24 hours

how much money would u be prepared to spend on your pet?

all of my money
i can pay for the bed, toys and food but not the vet bills
i can't be paying money to buy the pet loads of toys every day
i would do anything for a pet including paying very expensive vet bills
i can pay for some vet bills

are you lazy?

i spend all of my spare time being active
i go running/ take part in a sport at least once a week
i am sometimes active but not always
if i could, i would spend my life in my bed/ on the sofa

how would you feel about picking up poo/cleaning cages and litter trays

i hate poo and it would make me sick
i don't care about it, the quality time with my pet is the most important thing
other answer( is so please leave it in the comments)