Which Bed Is The One For You?

Which Bed Is The One For You?

Do you like to rest alone on a king-size bed or do you share your bed with a partner? Be as it may, if you take just a couple of moments to solve this quick quiz you will have all the answers you have been looking for!

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When I sleep I usually take the following position

a) I curl up like a baby
b) I lay all over the place
c) I change positions during the night

I sleep

a) In my bed alone
b) With my partner
c) Sometimes alone sometimes with a partner

Do you get enough sleep as it is?

a) Are you kidding me? I’m constantly tired!
b) Mostly yes
c) Sometimes yes, sometimes no

I dream of

a) Having a king size bed of my own
b) Having a comfortable pillow
c) Great-quality mattress

My partner

a) Never makes a sound
b) Usually snores
c) Snores sometimes