Does Batman Like You

Does Batman Like You

This quiz will tell you if batman likes you. If you guys enjoy the quiz I will make more. Have Fun.

published on December 24, 201468 responses 17 5.0★ / 5

Would you kill a Criminal?

Yes. I would kill a Criminal
No. I would not kill a Criminal

Would you rather someone die but you get all the money in the world/or everyone lives but you die?

I would rather someone die and have all the money in the world.
I would rather everyone lives but I die.

Do you like bats?

Yes. I love bats
No. I hate bats

Do you think Batman looks cool?

No. Batman looks ugly
Yes. Batman looks cool

Who would win in a fight? Spiderman or Batman?

Spiderman. Of course he would kick batman's butt.
Batman. He would kick spiderman's butt.