What Voltron Legendary Defender Paladin are you?

Take this quiz and find out what Voltron Legendary Defender Paladin you are!

published on January 28, 201728 responses 3 4.2★ / 5

What activities do you enjoy in space?

I try to get the hottest person on the ship to date me!
I would try to learn Altean, but I also would work on finding my dad and brother. I would also be working on technology!
I would be busy training.
I would be trying to figure out how to stop Zarkon.
I would be eating or making the food!

What is your favorite color?


Where would you find your lion?

Mine was in the castle, but I had to wait until all of the other lions where present
Mine was on a Galra ship.
I found mine in a cave!
I found mine in a peaceful land! I loved it there!
I had to fight for my lion, and my land was NOT peaceful!

If you could use three words to describe yourself, what would you use?

Attractive, young, awesome!
Focused, calm, quiet
Smart, bubbly, nerdy
Hungry, good cook, warm-hearted!
Loner, hard-working, temperamental

Did you enjoy this test?

I could be training right now but....sure
YES! I want to make my OWN quiz!
I liked it, now I have to get focused again.
Yes and I am very hungry!
Can you make a quiz about me and Allura being a ship?