What kind of wolf are you or not?

What kind of wolf are you or not?

This Quiz helps you determines if your a wolf or not so click on this quiz.

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What kind of food do you like?

1.) Raw foods
2.) Veggies
$.) Burgers

Do you howl at the moon

2.)Sometimes when im made
3.) No

When your a lone in the woods and see a deer do you?

1.) Attack
2.)Attack and bring it ot the pack
3.) Eat it all for your self

Whats you favorite color?

1.) Purple and Black because it reminds me of the night
2.)Green( for the grass and leafs)
3.) Blue (sky and sea)
4.) yellow

What do you want you mate to be

1.) Strong and fearful
2.) caring
3.) nice hunter

what do you like doing outside?

2.) Fishing
4.) Just being outside

Who do you depend upon?

1.) Family
2.) Yourself
3.) Friends