Would you survive the Rainbow Factory?

Another creepy pasta from my little pony. Not as scary as cupcakes though.

published on February 06, 201714 responses 0
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You are at the Fight test. What is your thought?

This is going to be a piece of cake.
Wings don't fail me now.
I don't know about this.

Your name was called and you got ready. During the test you crashed into 3 cloud hoops, missed 5 clouds for the cloud busting, and went out of bounds during the free fall. You think...?

I can retake right?
That was just a warm-up.
Sorry. I'm so sorry.

So you are thrown into a truck that takes you to the Rainbow Factory. You walk in and notice there is no receptionist. Other fillies and colts are in cages or chains. High above you is a balcony and Rainbow Dash is standing there reading a clip board. You...?

Wow! It's Rainbow Dash!
What is she doing here?
Rainbow Dash! My idle!

She notices you and then shouts out "Attention fillies and colts, you were brought here to have purpose. So you are going to help make rainbows. You little filly/colt you are lucky number 1." Rainbow Dash's Employees fly you up to the machine. Rainbow turns it on. You...?

So this makes rainbows?
I'm gonna die!

Your hooves are clamped and Rainbow is about to stick a needle in your chest. The needle is connected to a tube You say...?

I don't like needles.
Please don't hurt me.
No! Let me go!

You faint after she suck all of the blood out of you. It also made you lose your color. You are put on a convey belt moving toward the crusher you wake up and see it. What do you do?

I jump off and find an exit.
I jump off and run away.
Just lay there. I'll be in Pony Heaven soon.