Which Beatle are you? (1)

Which Beatle are you? (1)

Which beatle are you?! You might be George Harrison maybe Paul McCartney, maybe the person who started it all John Lennon, or even Ringo Starr!

published on May 06, 20144 responses 0
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What instrument do you prefer?

Guitar (right handed)
Guitar (left handed)

Ok if your friend has some ice, lip gloss, sandwich, or paper which item will you take?

Oh thanks for the sandwich *takes sandwich out of friends hand*
I'll leave him alone :/
hehehe *takes some ice then puts it in friends back*
oh hey that lip gloss is fab *takes lip gloss*

What would you do in an interview?

Ok so do you see that thing? It goes like this then that and then that way and then this way. Do you get what I mean?
Go away, I'm doing my own thing
Ok so did you remember last time we went on a concert and so many people were screaming like crazy and I can't believe
what happened...
*thinks- I can do this like i did on my other interviews* Ok so what were you asking again?

Ok which beatle are you expecting to get?

George Harrison
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Ringo Starr

How would you describe yourself as?

I could be tough when I want but I'm sticking with my sensitive side for a while.
I may be grumpy a lot but I have a sweet side of me not always the aggressive person.
I like to stay quiet most of the time but I am hard to convince to do something that I don't want to do.
Are you kidding me?! I am the person that tries to keep people laughing and together.

What world do you think you would like to live in?

Food World!!!
Makeup World :P
Anywhere where I can prank people
Somewhere I can visit my relatives

Which one would you rather do?

Hey you have something over there… *snickers*
Lemme make sure I have clean clothes, then the party will be on :D
Yourself: No I don't want to and thats final
*Puts whipped cream on friends hand while sleeping and tickles nose* hehehe XD

What would you react to a flying sandwich?

Why is there even a flying sandwich?!
Ohh hey look a flying sandwich I want it!
XD Flying sandwiches… Now I'm expecting pigs to start flying soon
I hope that thing doesn't land on me ew