What pet is best for you? (1)

What pet is best for you? (1)

Are you a dog person, cat person, bird person, turtle person, fish, unicorn, or tiger person? Do you prefer quiet animals, exotic animals, cute animals, or flying animals? Every person is different like every animal. Every person has different standards for a pet? Which one do you most want?

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Just imagine, by day your pet it humble, sleepy and an ordinary pet, but by night, It's a striking, awesome superhero!! What would it most resemble?

Just imagine, by day your pet it humble, sleepy and an ordinary pet, but by night, It's a striking, awesome superhero!! What would it most resemble?
Strong, Fast as lightning, suddenly turns into something probably rather big in "super mode", flowing fur/hair/feather/IDK. Let's you ride them as they rescue you from an exploding volcano and they are speeding as fast as they can to get you to safety because they care about you.
Turns into a radioactive mermaid by night and helps you to travel to the mystical city of Atlantis to practice water magic, talk to fish, and become master of the sea storms.
Vampire-like fangs and red, fire-glowing eyes. Sneaks out of your humble home to hide in the shadows of the city. Lightning-quick moves stops petty-theft criminals in the street as the innocents whisper in excited awe, wondering who their mysterious hero was. One of them being you, until you realize in remembrance he looks like your little critter from back home, but on gamma radiation or something.
Prowling through the amazon, crouching low. Sun-baked fur heavy with humidity [steam]. Bright yellow eyes and nimble paws on them that compared to your hands, look like the size of your head. You're frozen, paranoid with gaping fear and awe. But the animal doesn't attack you. It instead smiles in a friendly way without trying to scare you with it's pinpoint fangs. Then, breaking the tension as it pounces on a mouse, that wandered inches from your foot.
You jolt awake as you hear the loudest noise in your life. Spinning around, you quickly notice the gaping ten-foot hole where your wall used to be. The hole is in an odd organic shape, but what was it? You then realize that your pet Snowball's cage looks like it exploded to smithereens. You then see a roaring, hulk-sized creature bounding over rooftops in the distance of your neighborhood. What the heck?!
Arms stretched to flowing, golden red and green feathering wings stretch to the limit. Beak strengthened to a golden, fearful weapon. Eyesight sharpened to see distant things far from my view before, and talons that made Wolverine's claws look like butter knives by comparison. I stared down from where my cage used to be below me. My caretaker, an awe-gaping 6-year old little boy shouted "MOM!! YOU DIDN'T SAY TWEETY COULD DO THIS!". That's when I broke through the roof as my height increased exponentially and I took to the summer sky extending my new eagle-like wings. The little boy shouting "THIS IS SO COOL!!!!"
I chewed on my rubber ball, happy but bored. I looked at my husky self in the mirror and sighed with boredom. When I glanced outside the window to then feel my heart drop. The full moon was out! I totally forgot it was today! Before I could run outside I felt my body change all over as I howled in agony. My owner, 17-year old Jane screamed and backed into the corner. I looked into the mirror again to notice I was in my human form again and embarrassingly without clothes to get into this time before anyone noticed. "I'm so sorry! I can explain!! I'm kind of like a backwards werewolf!" I tried saying, but Jane fainted. Not before taking one more glance at the Twilight, New Moon, book she was just reading.

My family can be described as...

My family can be described as...
Loud, cheerful, friendly bunch, energetic.
Caring, strong, persistent, teamwork-people, will be willing to take care of and can take care of a more expensive and
unique pet.
Quiet, intellectual , calm, may not have a ton of time for animal pets, but still would love to own a nice animal.
One or more of my family members has pet allergies, so no fur. We'd still like to find a cool, unique pet though!
My family hasn't owned a pet yet, so I would like to start with a fairly common pet that we can all love, but still easy to take
care of!

Personalities I Value;

Personalities I Value;
Likes to "talk" to you [maybe a little loudly]
Very peaceful. Likes sleeping, curling up into little balls or bathing in sunlight. Making you jealous that you wish you could do that and be just as peaceful as they are.
Very colorful and eye-catching.
Fluffy, Furry and pet-able. Or just likes to be petted or stroked.
Very sweet and lovable, but not to hard to take care of or expensive. I don't have that much time and/or money.

Animal Sound?

Rrrruuff!! Bark! Bark! *whines*
Neigh! Oink! Baaa! Quack! Cocka-doodle-doo!
SSSsss!! Ribbit!
I want a relatively quiet pet.
I want a pet that sings!! Chirp Chirp!!! or maybe actually talks, that would be cool!
Meow!! purrrr! [need I say more? ]

Best moral[s] shown by a disney princess?

Best moral[s] shown by a disney princess?
Cinderella. Keep your head up with hope and don't let others put you down.
Belle [or Beauty from Beauty in the Beast] . Don't judge others by their cover, everyone does or has had a good side, no matter how scary they may appear. Also, books rule!!
Tiana. With hope, hard-work and some help with friends, you can accomplish your dream, no matter how hard it it or crazy [as long as it's also realistic].
Pocahontas. The treasure is in nature around you, not in money or jewels, but in sun-filled meadows or swimming in lakes in warm-weather.
Ariel [the Little Mermaid]. Follow your heart, follow your passion for love, but be careful when making deals with sinister-seeming persons.
Elsa. Love thaws all fear and ice. Loving my family and people also means protecting them and doing what it takes to do that, even if it means keeping from them to protect them.
Anna. Laughter, Love, high-hopes, Loyalty and Determination keep bringing shining new hopes and ideas for the next day to look forward to. Longing for the day to be open and out of the castle and together with Elsa again.
Merida [Brave]. Learn to connect with family to have the best relationship. Fight for what feels morally right. Do what you want, but not what's unfair to others. And above all, be brave and face your fears, dreams and obstacles of life with bravery.
Jasmine. Finding love is true happiness and finding true love may be hard, but once you find the one for you, it's a whole new world of new adventures with your special someone.
Rapunzel. The world isn't a bad place, there are sometimes just bad people, places, times and events that may seem bad sometimes, but the world is a wonderful, huge place with beautiful things, places and people. Sometimes you just need to break out into the world to experience it for yourself instead of just learning about it from others.

Do you want a house pet, a pet that lives a fun-little cage or a pet that needs lots of room as well as needs to be outside.

Do you want a house pet, a pet that lives a fun-little cage or a pet that needs lots of room as well as needs to be outside.
I want a pet that can roam around my house on it's own most of the time.
I want a pet that can roam around the house as well as enjoys going to other places outside the house with me.
I'm thinking of an animal that can fit in a fairly large open-cage.
I want a pet that can be in an aquarium with a heat lamp and or maybe some water, but I'd kind of like to take it out to roam
around while I'm watching it.
I'd like an animal that doesn't take a lot of room I guess. I'm thinking small aquarium structure with a water pet.
I'd like the animal to be safe in a fairly sized cage that can fit in my room.
I have a lot room outside my house, maybe I could afford to build a structure to keep a bigger animal outside.