What personality do you have? (2)

What personality do you have? Find out! Are you kind to others and forgiving, smart and nerdy or, a huge bully?

published on June 05, 201429 responses 1
What personality do you have? (2)
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What do you want to be when you grow up?

An animal rescuer to help save animals who are stray or hurt!
A scientist, to help make discoveries! Plus, I already know a lot!
A wrestler, so I can beat up whoever I want!
A tutor, so I can teach others what I know!

Do you get good grades?

YES! I never gotten anything under an A- before!
Well... the worst I've gotten was a C+, but I was doing community service that day so I had no time to study!
Not at all! I've been expelled from 3 different schools from bullying kids. It's their faults that they don't defend themselves!

What kind of person do you think you are?


What letter describes you? Why?

The letter H for helpful!
The letter S for strong!
The letter S for snollygoster! (It means clever)

If someone gets hurt during a game of dodge ball, what do you do?

They can get up... I'll just sit on the bleachers and study for the big test next week.
Laugh at them like crazy! That's hekka funny!
Help them up, of course!
Smirk at them and start snickering!