What Disney princess are you? (3)

Hey peeps! what Disney princess are you? this is the truth which Disney princess you are!

published on May 31, 201415 responses 3 4.5★ / 5
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HAI!!! what to see what princess you are?

Hello Nice to meet you and yes I am ready..
Im really for this adverture!
Im ready *sings a song that your ready*
Im ready for everything and oh hi I men Hello im princess Me: don't give your name! Fine...
Hello dear its nice to meet you im ready for the ball
Let it- oh I mean hello im Qween- Me: don't! ok im sorry
Im ready for adverture mate! oh and why hello!
*yawns* h-hello
Why hello there

What do you like to do

I like to adverture
I like to hang out with the little people in my house with my prince
I like to sleep
I like to spend time alone..

What kind of girl are you?

Beauilful,lovely,sleeping alot

Ok, what to you want in a man?

Kind,sweet,funny,someone like me
I already have one
Kind,sweet,brave,tell me im pretty
Sweet,brave,strong,helps me in my needs
I married a prince along time ago :S
Handsome,kind,brave, and to wake me up from my sleep Me: dont give it away! Ok...

Did you use to be poor or do chores

Yeah I use to do lots of them....
No I was not poor but I got kicked out so I guess you can say I use to be..
Not at all
I was born a princess so no but I turned my mom into a bear

Ok im sorry for this short princess thing but it was hard work! Ok.. lets see what color do you like?

Um blue
I like all three of my color on my beauilful dress
Icy blue
Something skin color
Green and blue

Ok sorry BAI!!

nice meaning you
It was nice meaning you friend
Ok sorry you have to go so soon bye!
Aww the advertures over.. BAI!
The advertures over? ok... bye!