Which cat nation member are you?

Which cat nation member are you?

The quiz of the cat nation! woot woot! I am into this thing now :3 Try this out and see which cat nation member are you!

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What would you rather do if someone is hurt?

Walk away like nobody seen it, or roast them.
Help the poor kitten, bring the kitten to rosie.
Get others to help, even the leader.
*gets asriel*
Someone is hurt! call rosie fast!!!

What is your favorite color?


Would you use yoru kindness on others but not shsaski the wolf?

Yes, i love my friends!!!!!!!!!
To everyone *throws flowers*
I will share the kindness to asriel as well, even my friends
all of the mebers

Now, who is your favorite out of all of them?

cutie, she is so nice, not a cringey bull
yeah screw those fangirls, none!
I like dary the kitten, she is somewhere in the middle
Lolly, she is not a good artist, but hopefully she'll improve soon.
The leader, of course!!!

Did you like this?

Yes, i do, i care about fangirls.
I love it.
amazing, i love it.
BAD!!!!!! BOO FANGIRLS!!!!! THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!