What's your Warrior Cat name? (1)

What's your Warrior Cat name? (1)

Are you making playing in a roleplay? Are you writing a Warrior Cat book? Do you need cat names? THIS IS A QUIZ FOR THAT! P.S. i make comments on question answers :D

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What Clan would you prefer to be in?

I don't care, so long as i can KILL (are you evil or something?)
Windclan (meh)
ThunderClan (YAY)
RiverClan (:D)
StarClan (WUT?)
A TwoLeg den (You a kittypet or what?)
ShadowClan (>:O)

What is your favorite color?

Orange (Mine, 2)
Blood Red (wut)
Sky Blue (ok)
Green (:D)
Brown (:/)
White ( >:O)
Peach (Twoleg Lover!)

RPG! A kit is drowning in a river. What do you do?

Save it. It's the warrior code!
Save it. It's just some water!
Save it, and then I can brag about it
What? Water? NO! (come on now!)
If i HAVE to...
I'll save it and revive it with herbs.
Kill it. It will make my triumph faster! (Evil)

What role do you want?

Ruler of the forest! (evil or what?)
Medicine Cat
Kittypet (you weird)

RPG! You are deputy, your leader is on his last life and another clan is raiding. What do you do?

Save him with healing herbs
Cower in my den
Kill him! Then i can be leader! One step closer to ruling!
Defend him
Defend him with my life
Save him and take glory
What's a leader?

What do you like to eat?

Yummy stuff
Food I kill
Kittypet food

RPG! You are in a battle, and your leader, mate and kits are being attacked. What order do you save them?

Blah blah blah who cares? KILL THEM
Kits, mate, leader
Kits, leader, mate
Revive them with herbs
Attack the intruders
leader,kits, mate
To tired...
How do you battle?