are you good with cats?

are you good with cats?

Aw, look at that little kitten! Are you going to run over and caress it or are you going to walk over calmly, reach over and let him/her smell your hand, then pet it? This provides if you should still learn about how to take care of cats, or if you can handle them nicely.

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Your giving your cat affection, you:

Pet my cat and walk away
Pet my cat and give it love until I know she/
he is done
Give my cat affection until she/he walks
Pet my cat and give it love all day long

Your cat is sleeping, you:

Leave them be
Pet him/her

You lye on your bed, and you see your cat join you, so you:

Pet them vigourously, and when she/he
leaves pull them back on
Leave them be, pet them once in a while

You need to clean out the litter box you:

Just clean it out put a plastic bag in it after
cleaning and pour in the cat litter, even
though I'm not sure my kitten will do good
with the plastic bag.
Clean it out nice and clean, then pour in
quality cat litter.
I just clean it out and pour in cat litter.

You see a cat lying there just calm and cute, you:

Run over without checking to see if its
Calmly walk over let him/her smell your

and get used to you, then pet it.
Stand there and leave
I run over and calm down and see if he/she
Don't know whether to run over and get
her, or walk over calmly

You set food for your cat. You:

Set the food and water next to eachother
Set the food and water separate from each

You want to go on a vacation, but your cat can't come because of your hotels policy, so you:

Find a expert cat-sittter. Anything to spoil
your cat!
Find a friend who's good with animals
They will survive by themselves. Its not like
they have special needs or they're
Provide plenty of cat food and water, and
groom them (cut their nails brush them

You plan to go get cat food and get supplies for maybe a new cat or your cat now. You:

Buy the cheapest food you could find for
him/ buy your new cat just a brush a food
Provide the food with most nutrition, or
normal food brand/ a lot of supplies for
new cat to keep it occupied
Buy stuff to spoil your cat, like treats and
high nutrition foods to keep her healthy/just
regular supplies for my new cat

Your playing with your cat, and you:

Take the mouse the bird and throw it at the
Throw the bird around, let the cat catch it a
couple times, then get another toy so the
won't get bored
You get the bird don't let the cat catch it for
your entertainment, and leave