where is your dream house located

you can see where you will have a cool original location house where you are meant to live in.:)

published on June 10, 201423 responses 15 3.5★ / 5
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in you free time what would you do

keep busy
ask someone what to do
play outside

what are you like

never stop improving
a worker
a relaxer
a adverturer
I don't know

how was you day

just like my mom said it would be
super duper fun
loved the sun
worked at my best

where do you think your dream house is located

I don't know that's why I asked you
a place filled with adventure
a place that is calm
I'm a busy bee!!!!

would you appreciate the quiz

IDK im busy
ask me what!!
relaxing no way
fun but boring

this might seem pointless but it will all make sense

k im busy
whatever you say
kind of unrelaxing we need more relaxation
more adventure and action