Which shadowhunter chronicles character are you?

Want to know which shadowhunter you are? You can be jace, clary, Isabelle or Alec.

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You are going to a party. What do you wear?

A nice suit with a twist
Just a normal suit
Jeans and a top
Black dress


Make a mean cheese sandwich
Are good at drawing
Love fashion
Pay attention the most in lessons

People often describe you as...


You want someone to be your parabatai but they refuse. What do ya do?

Challenge them to a sword fight the winner gets their wish.
Go off and sulk in shame.
I don't want a parabatai
Politely accept

Whilst fighting demons you would use a...

Bow and arrow

How do you cook?

Really badly, but I keep on trying
I don't reall Cook much but I can do the basics well
I make a mean cheese sandwich
I never tried