What is your personality? (girls)

This is probably the worst quiz you will see, but who cares. If you enjoy I'll be surprised

published on May 26, 201712 responses 5
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What do you do in your spare time

Sit on my own... thinking bad things about myself and reading
Hang out with my friends
Do cool tricks on my skateboard
Study trigonometry and algebra

Favourite colour?

Favourite colour?
Black, like my soul
Pink is defs the coolest colour eva
Dark colours, they look cool
Red, it is a colour of many things

You are invited to a party! What do you do?

I wont go, people hate me enough
Get really pretty clothes
Put on my jeans and do cool tricks
I wont go, I need to study

Favourite food?

Favourite food?
Pizza, loads of people like, but they bully me so why should I care
Cotton Candy Is so cute! Like me
Cool things like burgers and mcdonalds
5 a day! It is very healthy for you

What do you do with your friends

What do you do with your friends
Friends? What friends?
Hang out and snapchat
Do cool tricks with them
Well, they're my study buddys, so we study together

Favourite game?

Favourite game?
I like fnaf, batim and undertale
Girly Games! Also movie star planet
Cool games like Call of Duty
Educational games like Sumdog and Minecraft

What is the thing you want the most

A friend
A new phone
An awesome fidget spinner to do tricks
Someone who knows a lot of pi

Favourite YouTuber

Favourite YouTuber
Girly youtubers
Cool Youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye
Educational YouTubers like the slow-Mo guys

How many friends do you have

*sigh* I already said, I have no friends
4-5 Because I'm cool
I have 2 study buddies ^^

Favourite Undertale character?

Favourite Undertale character?
Asriel... he is misunderstood like me
What IS that game? It sounds lame (me: -.-'')
Sans, he is cool like me
Dr Alphys! She is very smart like me