If we were living during the feudal times, what would you be?

If we were living during the feudal times, what would you be?

Answer this quiz to know what class from the feudal social pyramid you would belong to

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When you see a child crying you:

ask him to calm down and stop crying while you offer him/her a delicious carrot
buy him/her a sword to play with (made of plastic of course)
take the child to a mall so he/she could eat the whole stock of ice cream at Creppes and Waffles
show him/her your nice collection of Funko Pops (but you'll never let him/her play with them, actually they're unboxed)

When you see a pregnant woman standing next to you in Transmilenio, while you are sitting, you

act as if you were sleeping
start looking out of the window trying to find ways to solve the String Theory
you kindly offer your seat to her but demand some money in return for the favor
you ask her to sit down and you even offer to adopt the baby and marry her

Which of this items do you prefer?

A carbon-fiber made Benotto bicycle with a nice set of Shimano gears and a Power-meter
A box full of the best healthy food you can find in the market
An English Functional Grammar book
A nice pair of Michael Jordan's Converse Fastbreaks (very expensive sport shoes)

What kind of food do you prefer?

Whole flour, gluten-free bread with a nice cup of french-pressed coffee
A Starbucks red velvet piece of cake
Something you can cook at home, even if it gets burnt

If you saw John Tafur enclosed in the north tower of the Languages Department begging for help and waiting for someone brave to come and rescue him, you would...

Call 123 just waiting for the firemen to come in one of those great ladder trucks accompanied by 2 ambulances with paramedics wearing hazmat suits and protection gear (COVID-19 times) and witness such chaos to have something to tell to your children
take him a thousand photos and post them all at LauraSad (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram to finish it all sharing a viral video of him screaming on TikTok
organize a rescue operation to get him out safe and sound expecting him to give you a nice 5.0/5.0 in English Civilization just to add some valuable decimal points to your PAPA
Call your contacts in Universidad Nacional and waiting for Dolly to come and offer her kind services on national TV to save the disgraced teacher while appointing you as the official advisor to solve the crisis