How much does your Teacher Like you (1-5 scale)?

Umm, I have no Idea. This is for fun. Stupid qfeast is making moi do this description.

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If your teacher dropped his/her important papers, what would you do?

Almost fall out of your chair to help your teacher pick the papers up
Just sit there and do nothing
Laugh while she/he picks them up
Get up and help pick the papers up
Laugh, then go and tear up all those papers in half them throw them in your teachers face then spit on him/her multiple times

You get a C on a quiz. What does your teacher write down on the paper?

Well, thats better than last quiz!
Study harder. I believe in you!
Please stop cheating! This is driving me nuts!
My teacher wouldn't write anything.
You can do this! Come after school and I will help you! I believe in you!

Its your teacher's birthday! What present do you bring them?

A card with a $25 amazon gift card and flowers
A card and a lollipop
You pour very smelly slime on him/her
Write 'You Suck' on the whiteboard

Your whole class (except you) does a spitball attack on the teacher. What do you do?

Call for help
Join in
Be a human shield for the teacher while calling for help
Spit right in your teachers face
Do nothing

Your teacher is choking during the middle of class. What do you do?

You laugh evilly in her face until she/he passes out
You call 911
You give him/her the heimlich and set them on the ground
You do nothing
You laugh