Who is the true you?

Every person needs to know their full purpose. Find out or risk losing yourself forever.

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What do you prefer to take part in?

A creative day.
A story-writing competition.
A game of tag.
A fart contest.
A murder mystery play in Drama class.

You're having a themed party, what type of party do you have?

An Alice In Wonderland party.
A story party
A Scouts party.
An all-colour party.
A murder mystery party.

What's your favourite style of clothing?

Old school (for a joke)

Your friend asks you to come round for tea, what do you say?

Oh yes! We could improvise & draw & dress up to look like our favourite book characters.
Nah. Studying.
Sure, I'll come.
After Comedy Club, sure.
Well, I could ditch Mum.

What is your best investment?

The expensive mini-skirt in Top Shop.
The new notebook with plain paper and an embroidered cover.
The soft toy that I gave to my cousin then regretted it.
The latest high-tech magic kit.
The best spy kit on the market.

You're at a toyshop, you can buy one thing, what do you choose?

An origami set.
The newest type of smartphone.
Loom bands.
A set of Roald Dahl books.

You're at a match and it's five minutes till the end of the game, what do you do?

I leave on time, there's no shame in finding a way to get out & miss the traffic.
I leave early, I want to beat the traffic.
I don't go, I'd rather check out what's on TV.
Match, don't light me on fire during your game.
I leave late, I want to avoid the traffic, there's no shame in being late.

Would you rather...

Make up songs or...
Hold a study party or...
Play football or...
Tell bad jokes or...
Scale the garden wall?

What's your favourite colour?

Baby Pink
Light Blue
Every colour ever.
Any colour so long as its not black, white, grey or brown.
Various shades of red, blue and yellow.

What is your life-style?

I spend most of my time drawing.
I read loads of books.
I play on my computer and blog.
I sit and memorise jokes then test them out on family.
I play codebreaking games a lot.