Are you going to have a mental breakdown?

You could be fine right now, but tommorow, who knows? Breakdowns are mostly un expected, but reading the signs means you can prepare and even prevent !

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Would you describe yourself as being perfectly healthy?


Do you have a full three meals a day?


Eating can have a huge affect on your mood, missing breakfast can take quite an affect on your whole day. do you miss breakfast often?

No- I dont miss breakfast.
No- Usually i dont miss breakfast. Its rare when i do.
Yes- often i miss breakfast, but i always try have it.
Yes- I never have breakfast, I always skip it.

Sleep also plays an important part on your health. if you dont get enough, your health can decrease rapidly. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

12+ hours
7 hours or less

How often do you eat LARGE QUANTITIES of food that is considered "Unhealthy" ?

I eat large amounts of food that is considered unhealthy on a daily basis.
I eat large quantities of unhealthy food 2-3 times a week.
I ocassionally eat lage quantities of unhealthy food.
Rarely/never do i eat unhealthy food in large amounts

Have you been stressed lately ?

Yes - Within the last week
Yes- within the last month
No- not anything recent
No i have not been stressed

Do you have concentration issues because you feel stressed?

Yes- I can barely concentrate i feel so stressed
Yes- I can concentrate but struggle
Yes/No - I have concentration issues but NOT because i am/am not stressed

Do you feel like your stress levels have been increasing?

Yes- i feel like my stress levels are increasing RAPIDLY
Yes- my stress levels have been increasing
No- however I AM STRESSED but my stress levels have REMAINED THE SAME
No i dont have any stress levels

Have you RECENTLY been in the situation where you are feeling FINE, then SUDDENLY you feel your CHEST and throat TIGHTEN, your breathing quicken, and you break a sweat.

Yes- this happened very recently (within the last week)
yes- but within the last month
Yes , however not ALL of those symptoms have happened to me

Are you worried that you are on the verge of a mental breakdown?

Yes, I am VERY worried/scared.
No, not particulary
No , that is the least of my worries.