What name should you have? (1)

Ever wonder what name suits your personality we'll find out know with this quiz also if you watch Gilmore girls answer my poll about who you think Rory should end up with.

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How do spend your spare time?

Playing sports
Talking on my cell ,texting or facetimeing my
Reading a book

What books do you like to read?

Picture books
Books about sports
Books about awesomeness

What is your favourite school subject?

Science or math

What is an ideal friend for you?

Someone I can talk to
Some one smart that cares about me and my family
Some one that likes to play and talk about sports
Someone that will have and go to parties

What is your favourite snack?

Party mix
Water and apples also some carbs to keep me playing
Health food are always good for me but some times I really like a small cupcake
Whatever your having unless it is gross