would you survive sword art online?

would you survive being trapped in the death game sword art online? or will you not make it out alive. (role playing quiz, you are best friends with a girl named Chloe, btw)

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Kyaba, just announed that the game was a death game. whats your reaction...

Im a little shocked, but I will make sure I survive. this game cant beat me.
I grab Chloes hand, i need to save her, no matter what. she must survive.
run around like a headless chicken, noooooooooooooo. this sucks , i cant do this!!!!!!!!!

A shady looking guy, walks up to you. he just congratulated you on leveling up. then he wants you and your friend to join a party with him.

OK but I better not die, both me and Chloe are putting our lives in your hands dude.
nope, i don't trust shady looking people.
YAYYYYYYYYYYY, someone actually wants me for something

the guy grabs your arm, and takes you to the forist. you are surronded by red players.....

"Come on Chloe, we can beat these suckers". I draw my sword and fight and kill the red players.
turn to the shady guy, and slid his neck. "I TRUSTED YOU"

you find yourself in the red zone. you are close to death, but then kirito jumps in and kills the rest of the red players. Once he killed all of the he heals you. whats your reaction.

thank him, then pay him with some col for saving you,and Chloe. then friend him.
"heyyyy, those guys loved us......"

Chloe: ...
"thanks for saveing me....." I turn to leave to the next town with Chloe, by me side.

Kirito: "WAIT, can you form a party with me. and some others"

Chloe: "Sure, i would love to, and so would [your name]"

shoot Chloe a death glare, and politely accept the offer, but remind kirito. if he EVER betrays you and Chloe, HE WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"shure, i will always trust new people"
"YA KNOW, BOTH ME AND CHLOE WANT TO EAT A PARROT. WHATS THE PROBLEM WITH DA, THERE JUST A CLOURFULL CHICKEN" then accept his offer, if he can show you to some parrots.

ok, so a week has passed. you have just gotten to a higher level then kirito and Chloe. Chloe, was in the beta test. and she is kind of sad that you have leveled up so easy. she is sitting on a edge of the cliff in the middle of the night, thinking she is a burden. and that you and kirito would be better without her, you see her jump off the edge of the cliff, threw your window. what do you do?

awake, Kirito. and tell him that Chloe committed suicide. then both of you morn over Chloe. but you keep fighting, Chloe would have wanted it that way...
cry and cry and cry. let the tears never stop. you where BFFS since birth, what am i going to do without her.....
no.....just no. I REFUSE to go on without Chloe, I run out into the chilly night, and end my life just as Chloe did.

You and Kirito joined the moonlit black cats. you become great friends with Satchi. And Kirito, he seems like you have been wit him for as long as Chloe and you have been friends. But now you are trapped in a red room where monsters never spawning. you fight the monsters, with the rest of the gild. but the black cats die one by one. You see satchi about to die, what do you do.

kill all the monsters in my way, i need to save her. but safely, i dont want to put kirito and me at risk.
run up, and sacrifice myself to save her. SHE should be the one to survive.
chew on a cookie and watch the drama.....

Sachi ended up dying. you take it pretty harsh. but kirito is shatterd. he is absolotely depressed because of what happend. and he gets even worse when he finds out he cant revive her. he gets so upset, that he was about to kill himself like Chloe did. what is your reaction.

FUN, i would push him off the cliff then jump off of it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pull him away from the cliffs edge and slap him. "what the hell, where you thinking kirito. you where the only person that I am living for, if anyone else dies i will take my life.....ok kirito"

kirito: *nods*
pull him away, and tell him that you need his help for the death games. "kirito, you are one of the strongist players i know. you are such a great person, you need to survive because i want you to be there with me at the end of this game......we cant do it without you"

you where walking threw the forist, with kirito. you see a young girl with raven coloured hair. she just got shot by a arrow that a red player shot at her. what do you do?

run over to the red player, and fight that bastard. how dare he shoot a child.
ohhhh, another red player. he is going to be one of my closest friends.....
kill or scare the reed player off, then comfort the child, and take her home to rest.

the girl awoke, the next morning. she announced her name was Yui. she wanted to travel with you and kirito.

"sorry yui, its later in the game and i would hate it if you where killed" and with that said, id take her to floor 1 daycare center with all the other children.
"id love it if you came with us"

kirito: looks at you with worry in his eyes.........
grab her little arm, and go to one of the top floors. she can do it!!!!!!!!!! she can FIGHT WITH US

you where walking around town, Yui on kiritos shoulders. when you bumped into Asuna. she demanded that you handed Yui over. what do you do.

slap her, "i bet your the one whom shot her from a distance. NOT the red player"
refuse to hand her over. we will fight it out....right here right now Asuna
give her a nasty glare. and tell her to piss off before she gets hert.

Asuna, gets mad and storms off. but then Yui started calling her mommy and jumped down and ran after Asuna.

get confused, then shake it off and fight the last boss that you still need to beat, with kirito.
shoot a arrow at Asuna, and Yui the trador.
run after them. and alsk Yui why the hell is she following Asuna...

you have just reached the boss room with kirito. what is going through your mind.

"i will make sure i beat this game. i will free all these people, im going to make it out alive"
"Kirito, you will beat this monster. i will help you as much as i can.........."

You and kirito where fighting the boss. kiritos HP was in the red zone and one more move will kill him. do you take the risk of saveing him, or do you stay back an d watch your new best friend die?

I would sacrifice myself, Kirito.....beat this for me
i would put myself in danger, id shield the bosses attack towards kirito. and make sure that he stays back away from the boss until his health comes back up.
munch on a cookie that i found in my inventory. and watch the drama........

you defeted the boss. kirito and you have 1 minute alone, before you go back IRL. what is the one thing you say to him.

id tell him stuff that he didn't know about me. and i will promise that we will see each other again.
tell him thanks, for helping you beat SAO and promise that you will meet again someday...
ask him if he wants to share a cookie with you :)

end of roleplay...........

but the last question is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so what would be the weapon of your choice

sword or gun
bow and arrow