Hot or Cold

Hot or Cold

To determine weather you are a hot date or a cold date for men only :)

published on October 08, 201612 responses 0

A woman looks you in the eye. What do you do

Kiss her
Touch her
Bump her
Avoid her

You are in a room with your date when a screw on the floor comes undone. What do you do

Tell her to wait in
Tell her that she
can fix it
Say they can have
it on the floor
whilst fixing
Ignore it

You are really cold and you are lost in the woods with your date. What do you do

Kill her for warmth
Tell her to kill you
for warmth
Shout for help
Let both of you die
of frostbite after a

You have planned a date with your girlfriend but your mum won't let you go. What do you do

Not go
Ignore her and go
Text her to sey you
can't make it
Cry out to your
mum pleading to

What do you think you are